It's ClearSkin


sami hagen-yahraes


Natural beauty has always been a passion of mine. Growing up the class “health nut”, I craved to feel beautiful in my bare skin. From DIY hair masks, face masks, body scrubs and even tea bags under the eyes, I was beauty obsessed! I began to idolize the world of skincare when I met my high school best friend, who had stage 4 acne. I began my quest to clear her skin! Not much longer, I was introduced to an Aesthetician and eventually received my first professional facial, all of which I had no idea existed! This Aesthetician took me under her wing, gave me gentle products, a mini steamer and a few basics. Fast forward, I graduated from one of the best skincare schools here in Tucson, Pure Aesthetics, in 2015. I sought out to become a master of skin. Today, I continue to seek out knowledge and am always furthering my education. I hold additional certifications in almost all aspects of the industry. I created ClearSkin because I wanted the best of both skincare worlds with an exclusive and private feel. Blending the corrective side of medical aesthetics with a refined, resort-like experience is something I’ve always wanted to give my clients. The word “Clear” is the definition of my character and work ethic: transparent, easy to perceive and confident. It’s ClearSkin.

ale isola


Alejandra, better known as Ale, is a Licensed Cosmetologist as well as a Licensed Aesthetician. As a dual-licensed provider, Ale has an astounding fortune of knowledge and education in the beauty industry. With over 18 years of experience, Ale’s ardent love of the industry is felt through her touch, her services and her genuine customer service. Like all Aestheticians, Ale is obsessed with giving you confidence through glowing, bare skin. Ale believes that continued education plays a vital role in delivering first-class skin treatments and should be treated as a priority. Outside of ClearSkin, you can find Ale spending quality time with her family, and of course learning how to serve you best!

ale isola